Blazing Stars

Blazing Stars General Information

What is Blazing Stars?

  • 501c3 Organization
  • Required if on any All Star Dance Team
  • Manages team expenses related to All Star Dance Team Competitions
  • Manage team expenses related to All Star Dance Team Costumes
  • Maintains memberships for the All Star Dancers with USASF

Blazing Stars FAQ's

  • Monthly deposits are due the 15th for each month
  • Monthly deposit schedules are reflective of total routines
  • Credit card on file is required
  • Autopay is optional
  • All fees are non-refundable and assessed as follows:
    • Administration, Chreography, Coaches and Music (June 15th)
    • Competitions, Costumes, USASF Membership (July 15th)
    • Dance Worlds (August 15th)
  • Fundraising monies is deposited directly into this account and is non-refundable
  • Worlds Bid monies are deposited directly into this account
  • 80% of all fundraised money will be allocated directly to your dancer
  • 20% of all fundraised money will be allocated to Blazing Stars
  • Only available to All Star Dance Teams
  • You are not required to do any fundraising 
  • Any overage of expenses will be billed at the end of the dance season
  • Any positive balance will be returned to the account holder on file by June 15 annually if you are not returning
  • All positive balances will roll forward automatically on June 15 to the next season if you are continuing
  • Questions

Blazing Stars Online Account Access

  • Portal link is below
  • To gain access to your account, if your email address is ""
  • Then your Login ID is "spc" (without the which differentiates this from your SPC Tuition Login ID)
  • System generated password may be updated after your login into your account however your Login ID must remain as set
  • If you get locked out please email

Blazing Stars Deposit Schedule Options

  • Option 1:  Ten (10) total payments
    • Payment due June 15
    • Payment due July 15
    • Payment due August 15
    • * Seniors only additional $250 Dance Worlds
    • Payment due September 15
    • Payment due October 15
    • Payment due November 15
    • Payment due December 15
    • Payment due January 15
    • Payment due February 15
    • Payment due March 15

  • Option 2:  One (1) total payment
    • Available in 2019-2020 
    • One time 50% discount on annual administrative fee
    • Total payment due June 15